About SwitchPay

At Switch Commerce, we develop innovative mobile payments products that revolutionize the way our clients do business. Our secret? We listen to our customers. Our goal is to help you increase sales opportunities while we assist you in enhancing your day-to-day efficiencies. We accomplish this by developing a variety of payment processing solutions tailored to fit your industry specific standards, so you can dedicate more time to creating happier customers.

With fewer people carrying cash and checks, business owners need to look for other ways of accepting payments. Our consultative approach helps you choose from any number of merchant services to customize your account. Whether you are on a job site, at a trade show or you are an on-the-go professional that needs to turn an appointment into an immediate revenue opportunity with SwitchPay – we have your solution.

Through SwitchPay you can monitor and enhance your business from around the world allowing you to make quick, informed decisions in the future. With SwitchPay’s competitive rates, stateside customer support and unparalleled security — the benefits of accepting credit cards have never been greater.

Come experience what SwitchPay is all about and receive unparalleled flexibility and the best model for round-the-clock stateside support.