As Food Trucks Popularity Rises, So Does The Usage of Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments For Food Trucks

Opening your own restaurant is a dream shared by many people all around the globe. In a struggling financial climate, It can be difficult to secure the funding needed for a brick and mortar restaurant. The necessary employees and other related expenses only add to the difficulty in starting this type of business. Because of this, the food truck business is on the rise.

Once a novelty, food trucks are now commonly seen in both large and small cities. Some areas even have specific events centered around food truck culture and the food they serve. Individuals can easily outfit their large vehicle for sales in virtually any location they desire. Food truck owners can be savvy about where they park their vehicle, choosing spots that are heavily trafficked during meal times, picking areas that have few food options, or even roaming through residential areas.

Food truck aficionados enjoy these meals as well. They often offer unique foods that are less expensive and with a shorter wait time than typical sit-down restaurants. However, patrons of food trucks do find themselves unable to purchase if the proprietor is unable to accept credit or debit cards.

The world is becoming more dependent on electronic transactions and less on paper money. Few people regularly carry cash with them. Unfortunately, many food trucks are “cash only” businesses. The proprietors often feel that cash transactions are the easiest. However, they don’t realize how much more money they can make by accepting alternate forms of payment. Perhaps they don’t have a full understanding of the costs to accept credit cards or how easy it is to get set up to accept mobile payments.

Setting up Your Food Truck Business to Accept Credit Cards

Mobile payments are actually quite easy. With SwitchPay, food truck owners can accept credit cards on the iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry which allows them to process payments with one simple swipe. This opens the market up to those who prefer not to carry cash. It also eliminates the possibility of giving incorrect change, which is a common occurrence when lines are long and everyone is in a hurry. It’s also much faster, which allows vendors to service more customers in a shorter amount of time.

Food trucks are not the only vendors who can benefit from accepting credit cards through a mobile device. Food carts and ice cream trucks are others who historically have only accepted cash. By using SwitchPay, the owners of all types of on-the-go food items can take cash, debit, and credit. Something as simple as a sign that reads “We Accept Credit Cards” can immediately broaden the customer base. If you own or operate a mobile food business and want to accept credit cards feel free to contact us SwitchPay today.

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