Four Ways to Enhance Vendor Revenue at the State Fair

State Fair

Mobile technology is changing the way businesses accept payments, even in the on-the-go atmosphere of a state fair. With SwitchPay, vendors can accept credit cards, provide more options to customers, organize payments efficiently, and increase overall safety on the fair grounds. Here are four ways mobile payments can enhance vendor revenues at the state fair.

Lower Reliance on Cash Transactions

The fact that vendors can take payments through wireless devices allows customers to use debit and credit cards throughout the fair. Reducing a reliance on cash increases the options for consumers, making it more likely they will spend a few more dollars during each visit. Increased transaction amount by customers using credit and debit cards is well documented. When McDonald’s added debit cards as a payment option in their fast food chain, they reported an increase from $4.50 to $7.00 for average customer transactions.

Multiple Readers Increase Efficiency

When vendors can take payments via iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPads or other mobile devices, they can accept money for tickets, food or other items throughout the fair grounds. It also allows fair organizations to track sales, report revenue, and reduce mistakes or theft. With SwitchPay, organizations and vendors will know how much they are bringing in at any time during the fair. Plus, by allowing vendors to accept credit cards on the iPhone and other popular devices even reduces the cost of equipment for the fair ground staff.

Increase Ticket and Parking Revenue

Take the bite out of unplanned fair costs for your customers. Perhaps the family did not intend on spending money on parking, and those costs eat into the cash on hand for tickets or food. When you accept credit cards throughout the fair, you avoid a budget mentality with those that are attending.

Increase the Safety of Customers and Staff

Parking lot vendors may be far away from the lights and action of the fair grounds. On a busy night, vendors may collect hundreds of dollars and are prime targets for petty thieves. You can reduce the risk of anyone becoming a target by reducing the amount of cash on hand. Customers who pay with credit cards carry less cash and vendors who collect credit card payments via mobile devices are not as attractive to thieves. 

Using SwitchPay to accept debit and credit card payments at the state fair can increase the revenue for all vendors. It encourages spending, increases safety, and allows for efficient management of funds. To inspire additional confidence in your customers, ensure that your payment processes are secure and consider posting that information on your website and at ticketing booths.

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