Get To Know SwitchPay

Easy Set-Up

Signing up for SwitchPay is easy. Click here to fill out the online application, a member of our support team will verify your information and you’re approved! You can start accepting manually entered transactions immediately and your card reader will be mailed to you.

Simple Pricing

We believe business owners should not be penalized for accepting credit cards. Because of this belief, our 2.75% flat rate does not change for swiped or manually entered transactions. Our merchants receive the highest payouts possible so they can grow their business.

Fast Funding

Your customers don’t like long waits and neither should you. We believe you earn your money and you deserve to have it as quickly as possible. With SwitchPay, your funds will be deposited into your bank account within 24-36 hours. You never have to settle for waiting again.

Multiple Card Readers, One Account

A positive customer experience is a key element to successful business growth. While your business is expanding, you can make long lines a thing of the past and create a truly memorable experience by allowing your sales team to accept payments wherever they are.

SwitchPay gives you the power to create sub-lines with unique usernames and passwords while tying all reporting and funds to your main account. You can even track sales by user and limit each accounts access for increased management. SwitchPay provides the freedom your team needs and stories customers will tell others about.

Control On The Go

Your business doesn’t stop when you are not there but this doesn’t mean you have to lose control over it. SwitchPay gives you access to real time mobile reporting for you to track your last 30 days transactions, your current batch, any transaction errors and gives you the option to email these reports to yourself.

For more in depth reporting, check your merchant portal. There you will have access to full transaction reports, your New Customer database, as well as an option to launch the SwitchPay app through any desktop. No matter how busy life gets, SwitchPay will always keep you in control.

Store & Forward

Sometimes life takes us to places we do not expect. Whether it is a customer’s house, a rural farmers market or even a guided mountain expedition, with SwitchPay you can embrace the adventure! Our Store & Forward technology allows you to accept payments even when you do not have cell signal. The transactions are stored as encrypted files and you can upload them when you return to civilization. Live your life, have fun and bring your SwitchPay because business can happen in the unlikeliest of places.

Rest Easy, It’s Secure

The SwitchPay app and card reader are PCI-DSS compliant and the transaction process is end-to-end encrypted. This means the card information is encrypted as the card is being swiped, it transfers through the app as an encrypted file and is sent out as an encrypted message upon submission.

Cardholder and merchant safety is of the highest importance at SwitchPay. Therefore, it is our goal to make mobile processing as secure and simple as possible. By adhering to strict security standards, utilizing expertly trained support staff and continuous fraud monitoring, SwitchPay is the safest solution for your mobile payment needs. Sleep well tonight knowing we are guarding your account.

Mobile Ready

There are many choices in life and we feel your phone should be no different. Our card reader and app are compatible with over 400 devices and this list is growing daily. Feel free to choose the phone or tablet that fits your lifestyle; chances are we already process with it.


  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad
  • iPhone 3G


  • Google Nexus S
  • HTC Evo 3D
  • Motorola Photon 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy


  • Bold
  • Curve 2
  • Torch
  • Tour