Mobile Payments and iPhones Spur Political Fundraising

Mobile Payments Donations

Political fundraising is no easy task, and funds can be very hard to come by for candidates. When a political campaign fails to adapt to the technology of the time, countless and valuable dollars can be missed by not allowing a new platform for receiving donations.

Accepting Donations Using Mobile Payments For the iPhone

One way to make your funding methods versatile is to venture into mobile payments, particularly for the iPhone. Finding a good mobile payment processor can be tricky, as the technology is a relatively new and has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Fortunately, SwitchPay offers political campaigns the opportunity to let their supporters contribute funds by processing credit cards with the iPhone.

With our mobile payment system, political teams can receive donations in a quick, safe, and easy way. Sensitive payment and credit card information is protected and encrypted by our service in order to keep contributors’ information secure. Contributions can be given quickly, with no need to worry about sending payments in the mail or waiting until computer access is available to donate online.

In case the volume of supporters is too much for one iPhone to handle, there is no problem! Multiple SwitchPay credit card readers can be synced together into one account. With this feature, a political team can harness the power of today’s plugged-in society and allow their campaign to receive needed funding anytime and anywhere. This versatility can prove to be invaluable, especially with grassroots campaigns that need as many financial avenues as possible.

Tracking where your funds are coming from is not only important, it’s legally required in many cases! As an even more helpful addition, SwitchPay offers an online reporting feature that lets political teams track their funds in real time. In many cases, the donated funds are deposited in the campaign’s account the very next day. Funding is quick, neat, and easy with this feature, allowing political teams to funnel their funds to the areas where they are needed.

The SwitchPay Mobile Payments Solution

With SwitchPay, your campaign can receive payments and donations wirelessly and quickly using your iPhone. Political campaigns, especially ones that rely on contributors and strong supporters, are in need of a way to receive funding that is quick and simple. It must also be easy to maintain and monitor. SwitchPay offers all of these things, and makes the busy task of managing a political campaign that much better.

If you are looking for a great way to integrate the political campaign you are managing with the latest helpful technology, then SwitchPay’s mobile payments system for iPhone is definitely the way to go.


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