Stop Turning Away Business at Your Venue and Accept Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments Venue

If you run a nightclub, concert venue, or bar you can greatly increase your revenue, attendance and reporting by utilizing mobile payments at the door as well as inside your location. Imagine all the times you have had to walk away from a venue simply because you didn’t have the cover charge on you. Besides the benefit of increasing door sales, you can also track your customers while giving them a sense of convenience when paying.

Who Carries Cash When Going Out At Night?

When going out, people do not often want to carry large amounts of cash on them. They risk losing it or worse, having it stolen and ruining their night. By allowing you customers to pay with their credit cards, you are providing them a means to make larger purchases while giving them the security of only needing one form or payment. Lets be honest – as the night goes on, it can become more difficult to count money. So give your customers the option they deserve and accept credit cards through SwitchPay.

So Where’s the Closest ATM?

You can always lead your customers to the closest ATM. However, that may be a major hassle for them. Even if an ATM is relatively close by, in advising them to leave your location you risk them not returning. Using a mobile payment processing system allows your customers to stay on location and provides your business a new revenue stream.

Keep Track Of Your Customer Count And Nightly Sales

By accepting credit card payments for your cover charge, you will be able to track the number of customers based on the nights total transactions at the door. Plus, you can view what products are selling better and at what times. This information can be use to refine your marketing, promotions and customer service initiatives. It all makes perfect sense right?

SwitchPay, a Mobile Payment Solution

Many owners and operators of nightlife venues don’t accept credit cards at the door simply because they don’t understand how easy it is to get started or the costs involved. SwitchPay caters to the smallest of nightlife venues to large scale arenas by helping them accept credit cards from their customers. Accepting mobile payments has been shown to increase your sales while giving you more information about your customers. If you would like to get your venue setup to accept payments via smartphone feel free to contact us at SwitchPay today.

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