Nordstrom and J.C. Penny’s are Eliminating Lines with Mobile Payments

Nordstrom Mobile Payments

The Dreaded Checkout Line

Waiting in lines at the end of your shopping trip is taxing, to say the least. After being free to move about the store looking for items, coming to a single-file standstill can be very irritating and time-consuming. Recently popular retailers such as Nordstrom and J.C. Penney have decided to fix this issue by implementing a quick and easy self-checkout system that is expected to help alleviate this headache.

Mobile Payments and Checkout Systems Are Buzzing

J.C. Penney and Nordstrom are not the only big store chains that are replacing cash registers with mobile payment and checkout systems. The Apple Store and a number of other retailers have been implementing mobile payment processing systems to eliminate lines for quite some time. Even Sam’s Club and Costco have adopted mobile checkout systems that make the customer experience less of a hassle. In their quest to eliminate lines, more and more retailers are looking at the possibility of mobile payments for processing debit and credit cards.

Nordstrom’s online division president, Jamie Nordstrom has even publicly stated that he believes “The future of Nordstrom’s point-of-sale systems are going completely mobile.” This new technology doesn’t have a certain starting date, as it is moving quickly enough to be implemented within the next year. This could completely change the shopping experience of many business, and possibly even change the way business is done between consumers and retailers.
A Whole New Outlook on Shopping

Can you imagine the possibilities of a Christmas shopping season or a Black Friday sale frenzy without the lines, clutter, and slow-moving exhausted employees? Obviously, this new addition to the retail system can be invaluable, and many companies are taking advantage of this new technology to make shoppers’ experiences painless and more efficient.

Customer Convenience is Vital

Kevin Sterneckert, Vice President of Research at Gartner, adds, “If you go through the whole process of shopping with help along the way, why should you have to stop and be funneled to a line?” A very valid point, indeed, as elimination of checkout lines gives shoppers the ability to move even faster through the shopping process and SwitchPay’s mobile payment application is sure to help get the ball rolling.

The Cool Factor

In a business where companies can easily fall flat or get left behind, adopting the newest technology to draw customers in is a must. With this in mind, many companies and even small businesses are using SwitchPay to give their customers a better shopping experience and bring in sales via a cutting-edge platform.

Mobile payments can easily be a businesses’ new way of expanding their payment methods, eliminating checkout crowds, and creating a more inviting and “cool” image. Even the buzz generated from such a new technology is liable to bring more people in to experience it for themselves. Mobile payment processing is the checkout lane of the future, and so far, it seems like it will be hugely successful and a great way to draw business into the 21st century!

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