The Art of Approaching a Potential Customer

Approaching a Customer

One of the most difficult aspects of a sale is the initial approach to the customer.  What do you say? Do you lead with a sales pitch? Do you try to connect with them on a personal level?  Below you will not only find advice on how to begin the conversation with your customers but how to correctly determine their needs and close the deal.

Increase the Number of Customers Who Approach You

By making yourself more accessible to consumers, you’re increasing the number of people who will try to talk to you. Then down the line, a percentage of these people will turn into customers. The key is to not act like a salesperson who simply wants to make a sale and then move onto the next client. Instead, businesses have to be willing to take the time necessary to build relationships with consumers. That means interacting with consumers on social media websites, attending in-person events where you could expand your client base, responding to calls and emailing customers quickly and kindly.

Show Your Customers What You Can Do For Them

Every time you’re tempted to ask a customer, “What can I do for you?” replace that question with this statement: “Let me show you what my business can do for you.” Asking a direct question isn’t going to return the answers you’re looking for. Consumers may be nervous when they feel like they’re being put on the spot. Sometimes, customers don’t even know yet that they want or need whatever it is you’re selling. That’s why you have to approach consumers by explaining how you can help them. Think of this tactic as the start of a two-way conversation with customers.

Don’t Go Straight for the Sale

All too often, salespeople try to sell a product before even explaining what that product is. Pushy marketing doesn’t work for most people and it certainly won’t be effective if consumers don’t know what they’re being sold. Instead of sounding impatient from the beginning, explain what your business does. Describe the goods you sell. Move slowly, as if you’re simply planting the seed instead of trying to close a sale at that very moment.

Present Yourself as an Expert

Consumers will take you more seriously and listen if they think you’re an expert in your field. Briefly explain your background and experience in your industry to present yourself as an authority. Not only will customers trust what you have to say, but they’ll also know that they can go to you if they have any questions or concerns, because you’ll undoubtedly have the answer.

Employ the Key Elements of an Introduction

There are four basic things that every sales introduction needs: 

  • Your name.
  • Your position and experience or a specific skill or qualification.
  • What you can do to help the customer.
  • A question that will kick off dialogue.

Be Ready For the Sale

One of the best things you can provide to your customers is convenience. Making the customer experience pleasant for them ensures a greater chance of their return. Having a mobile payments system in place and being ready to answer any of their questions can help make that possible.

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