The ETA Releases Best Practices and Guidelines for Mobile Payments

Electronic Transactions Association

About The Electronic Transactions Association

The Electronic Transactions Association is a worldwide trade alliance representing more than 500 businesses that provide electronic transaction processing services and products. ETA’s goal is to progress the mobile payments sector profession by encouraging leadership through advocacy, education and the spread of information.

Recently, the Electronic Transactions Association’s Mobile Payments Division introduced three key solutions to help navigate the dynamic mobile payments sector. The new information is comprised of the following:

  • Mobile Payments Glossary of Terms
  • Best Practices and Guidelines for Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Beyond the Hype: Mobile Payments for Merchants

“The ETA Mobile Payments Association offers a singular voice for the upcoming mobile payments industry,” said Jason Oxman, Chief Executive Officer of the Electronic Transactions Association. “The recently announced “best practices” signify months of cooperation among staff from technology and payment firms across the mobile billing spectrum and indicate a precise course for the future of the sector. These recommendations provide data to ensure that, regardless of the platform, technology, or firm, mobile payments products and services serve both customers’ and vendors’ unique needs.”

Best Practices and Guidelines for Mobile Payment Solutions” accounts for crucial concerns, including competition, security and privacy while managing the interests of a diversified number of stakeholders, including consumers, state and federal legislators, credit card issuers, infrastructure providers, merchant acquirers, federal regulators and merchants. The complete “best practices” record is available on the internet:

Beyond the Hype: Mobile Payments for Merchants,” offers an extensive summary of the present condition of mobile billing as well as an evaluation of costs and risks vendors should weigh out prior to implementing a mobile payment solution. The white paper is available on the internet:

Mobile Payments Glossary of Terms” contains more than 100 important phrases and terms relevant to the business. It will be a helpful resource for beginners to the market as well as those more experienced. The glossary of terminology is available on the internet:

The ETA Mobile Payments Committee is a sector-wide task force of 100 associates from top businesses in the modern market of mobile billing, including device manufacturers, processors, mobile network operators, financial establishments, developers and credit card networks.

The ETA MPC is responsible for the development and implementation of new approaches to the sophisticated challenges surrounding the breakthrough of mobile payment processing in the U.S. and worldwide. In addition to the sector initiatives released today, the association is actively engaged in collaborative efforts concerning consumer education and public policy.

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