The iPad Proves to be the Tool of Choice for Mobile Payments

iPad Mobile Payments

In the old days, businesses only had a few choices to accept payments. Usually that involved taking cash, accepting checks, or using traditional credit card terminals. Due to the recent advancements in mobile technology, mobile payments are now easily available, and they’ve been making quite an impact on the way payments are accepted. Although there are plenty of different mobile payment platforms that you could use to accept payments, the iPad is the preferred mobile device.

iPad Success in Mobile Payments

According to recent data, the iPad accounted for nearly 3.6 percent of all credit card payments processed. That’s more than what processors did with iPhone or any other mobile device. Merchants have a definite preference for mobile POS systems, and the iPad is the tool of choice for those who stay up on the latest trends in point-of-sale technology.

Which Industries Use the iPad for Payment Processing?

SwitchPay’s mobile payment platform is a great tool that can be used for any industry to grow your business. Many have simply replaced their cash register for an iPad point of sale system. For example, the food truck industry is one in particular that seems to be doing well with mobile payments as well as trade-show vendors and traveling salespeople.

Mobile Business Owners

Many mobile businesses are starting to realize the power behind the iPad and how it can be used to accept payments. When running a mobile business, utilizing iPad credit card processing is definitely something to consider. Simply attach the SwitchPay credit card reader to your iPad, swipe your customer’s card, and collect payment.

Why Accept Credit Cards With the iPad?

One of the primary reasons to accept credit cards with the iPad is because it can increase your sales. When you offer more payment options, people are more likely to buy. When you can take a payment right on the spot, you get to take advantage of impulse buyers as well! If you are interested in converting your iPad into a point-of-sale terminal for your business feel free to contact us today!

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