Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Mobile

Small Business and Mobile

Are you considering investing in a mobile platform for your business? If so, you’re not alone. More and more businesses are adding mobile platforms like mobile websites and/or applications to their marketing mix.

The reasons to consider going mobile are clear. All you need to do is to look at your circle of friends, business associates and customers. What do they all have in common? They are probably regular users of smartphones and tablets to interact with businesses and other organizations.

In some industry sectors, a standard website that is well designed and kept up to date can deliver a good return on investment. If the interaction with your customers and suppliers is relatively infrequent and/or technical in its nature, a standard website probably gets the job done.

However, if your business is tied to serving existing customers and actively developing new ones, you should take a hard look at expanding your existing online marketing tools to include a robust mobile platform. This is especially true of businesses who serve the consumer product and service sectors. Restaurants, bars, realtors, retailers, doctors, lawyers, musicians, nonprofits, grocery and other consumer-focused businesses need to continually provide their customers with the electronic tools and business reasons to stay connected.

The first step is to evaluate whether it would be a good return on your investment to add a mobile platform for your business. Here are three good places to start:

Check Your Mobile Traffic

Google offers 3 helpful tools that can help you to assess how much mobile traffic is currently coming into your existing website.

Google Analytics

This is a free tool that “attaches” to your website and provides a tremendous amount of helpful data to analyze your visitors web traffic. It provides a view of where the visitor is from and what device they are using to browse your site.

Google Webmaster Tools

This free tool can refine the visitor data to determine how mobile users are using keywords to get information from your website.

Google Keyword Tool

This tool works with Google Analytics to help determine the possibilities for adding a mobile platform to your site. Armed with the information culled from these Google tools, you’ll have a picture of the potential for investing in a mobile platform.

How Does Your Website Look On A Mobile Device?

Now that you have a handle on the frequency and type of mobile device views on your website, you are ready to appreciate what the users see and experience as they navigate your website. It’s likely you will find the experience to be concerning as mobile websites require different programming.

What Type of Mobile Web Design Is Best?

Google recommends a “responsive website design” that adjusts the site to adapt to the mobile device viewing the site. Mobile web marketing is a powerful and effective way to expand your reach and improve your customers satisfaction.

Other Mobile Tools For Your Business

One of the best ways you can use mobile technology to boost your business is by accepting mobile payments. Take a note from other big businesses such as Apple, Starbucks, Urban Outfitters that have incorporated this into their marketing mix.

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